quick sketch

quick sketch

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my 3 favorite things in 1 picture

i am getting a print of this for my house IMMEDIATELY!

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this happened to me a lot

sometimes it still happens to me.

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rough sketch. im trying to do them quickly and not think about it too much. practice practice practice.

rough sketch. i'm trying to do them quickly and not think about it too much. practice practice practice.

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oh. hello.

i fell in love.

i’ve been in school.

it’s the day job, you see.

more comics.


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did you get the girl?

there was a boy who came to the table at comic con and we had a long conversation about dating. i told him all my advice. i made him practice it on the absolutely lovely girl next to us who was waiting in line to see camilla d’errico. she was a good sport!

he came back the next day and told me it worked. he was over the moon. apparently he had talked to some gorgeous booth babe and she had responded with delight at his questions!

but what happened? did you get the girl?

you got her number but did you go on a date?

are you engaged?

did it totally not work out but then you ended up taking my advice and meeting the geek girl of your dreams?

i want the end of this story!

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comic-con 2009!

hi all,

if you met me at comic-con this year please leave a comment.

i had a wonderful time meeting all of you and thank you SO much for picking up Geek, I Like You and/or Dealbreaker!

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great APE


We had a great APE this year. I sold almost all my books and mostly to folks just stopping by!

If you found my site from the back of my book, please leave a comment and let me know.

I’ll be updating my site regularly with new comics.

Thank you so much for the wonderful response to my first book and my first convention.

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first post for the redesign!

more to come!

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